Find out how coaching and mentoring can benefit you and your organisation


Welcome to eMentor. Running any business – large or small – can be a tough place to be. Don’t you sometimes wish that you could find someone to talk to, or bounce ideas around with, who would just……understand?

Having an independent person to talk to about issues in your business can help you to develop a whole different perspective on any issue. You probably already know the answers to many of your business problems – you just need someone to help you look at them in a different way….

Find out how business mentoring or coaching can help you to develop you and your organisation.

Do you ever wonder......


… what other people in your position do? Carry on regardless? Read a book? Go on a training course?

There are times for all of these things, but we’re all human and and whatever issues you’re experiencing in your business, someone, somewhere, has seen it all before.

Find out how business coaching and mentoring can help to develop you and your organisation.

New to all of this?

Don’t panic – every business starts somewhere….


Abandon all hope ye who enter here…….

Who's in control?

Do you run your business or does it run you?

Love your business?

Don’t let it go stale…..

Had enough?

Yup. We all feel like that at times….


Don’t like the softly softly approach…?

Support for individuals

Coaching and mentoring is carried out on a one to one basis. It’s about building a trusting relationship that leads to clearer understanding and empowerment. It’s learning by discovering and doing, not being told what to do or how to do it.


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Support for SME’s

It’s quite possible that you might want some more general advice or support on different aspects of your business, or with specific challenges. Do you want to do things differently and gain competitive advantage?


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Building Resilient Futures

If you’re running an organisation, then you have to acknowledge that you are exposed to external threats which are beyond your control. We can’t make them go away, but we can help to address them realistically.


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